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6 Best AI Copywriting Tools To Generate Catchy Copies

What is AI copywriting tools exactly? They are basically software tool that creates written content, generated all or in part by artificial intelligence. In simple words, it is a notion where artificial intelligence is used to create text for digital marketing. They provide you with SEO services.

An AI copywriting tool automatically generates copy based on a given set of information. From long-form blog posts to social media captions, it can generate different types of copy.

For example, if you give AI a blog post title and outline, it’ll ultimately present you with some paragraphs that you can further extend and amend.

Not only this, but you can also provide them with the tone or background of your brand and they will come up with something that will complement the identity of your brand.

There are a bunch of AI Copywriting tools in the market and more or less they all serve the same purpose but none of them are capable of generating high-quality copy. However, let’s save your time and efforts and find out some of the top-ranked AI Copywriting tools that are used by Website designing companies in Noida, Delhi, Bangalore, and all the IT-oriented cities around the globe to level up their writing game.



Jarvis AI

It is no surprise that Jarvis AI is considered to be one of the best AI copywriting tools. It is simpler to use and comparatively faster. With over 50 copywriting templates, command functionality, and an extensive training library, trusted by over 50,000 content marketers at companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. Jarvis is hands down the actual leader when it comes to AI copywriting tools. From long-form content to short-form content, it does it all. It has a number of options in the integration process that makes it quite expensive compared to the other tools.

The drawback of Jarvis is that it lacks some of the features that other unique tools offer.



Rytr is an artificially intelligent assistant that aids in writing content automatically from blogs to emails to social media and ads. It offers some of the very unique social media templates like business ideas, interview questions, profiles, job descriptions, reply to messages, and so on.

What makes Rytr stand out from the rest of the AI tools is that you will receive it at a fraction of the cost. It is cheap, easy to use, and fast and the outputs are excellent. The UX/UI is easy to use and clean. It is loved by copywriters and entrepreneurs.

Rytr is free forever, however, you are limited to 5000 words in a month. In order to generate more words, you will have to pay $25/per month.


Whitecream AI

The white cream is the next best AI content writing tool. It is used to generate cold emails and has 30+ tools to write better copy. It is claimed to be very unique. Here you have access to a lot of new and different templates, and tools like icebreakers, articles, blogs, digital ads copy, SEO and copywriting, video and audio, and Social media.

The white cream is not used by big companies but is a part of more than 2000 companies.

The price goes from $0 to $99, depending upon the different sorts of access and time.



Another AI COPYWRITING TOOL is COPY.AI. Copy AI will write effective and creative copy for your marketing needs. Copy AI has the most tools and templates out there. From birthday cards to cover letters, it has it all. Resume bullet points to CV outlines. It consists of some really cool and friendly tools that none of the other AI copywriting tools has. The plan goes from $0 to $35.


Closer Copy AIUnlike other AI tools, Closerscopy uses its own powerful robot to write effective and engaging content and provides you with some good quality content. It does a great job in creating high-converting sales pages. Closercopy is used by professional marketers. It takes a bit of time for you to get used to all the options they offer you. The templates and outlines are very interesting and fascinating at the same time.

Its pricing starts from $29 to $99.


Content Bot AI

Content Bot is a bit unique and different from other AI Copywriting tools. They have a chrome extension so you can easily use it from anywhere. Content Bot uses two AI systems i.e. OPEN AI and TINY SEEDS to write unique content. The reason behind this is when you want to do long-form content, you cannot do it with GPT3 to form proper long-form content. You have to use another AI tool for that and therefore use a tiny seed tool for creating long-form content. This is where CONTENT BOT stands out. For the first time, it brings an Open plug GPT3.

One drawback of the Content bot is that it is a bit similar to Jarvis.




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